1. Prep
    It doesn’t matter what you’re painting, everything needs some type of prep work if only to wipe clean the surfaces to be painted. When removing the hangings on the walls we usually find holes left from nails and picture hangers. Patching these areas often leave imperfections on the wall that you usually don't see until after the wall has been painted.
  2. Sanding
    Sanding repaired areas may leave smooth spots on the wall once painted that become very noticeable. The proper sanding tools help save time and make finishing easier. I will help you with this and show you how to eliminate the shiny spots that you won’t notice until it’s too late – after you’ve painted.
  3. Priming and Painting
    Priming and Painting
    Once repairs are completed it is most important to prime the surfaces. This is the time to make sure the surfaces are smooth, clean, and free of debris. Whatever you can see or feel with your hand is going to show through the finished paint job. Choosing the correct primer will also affect the final finish and eliminate the chances bubbling or peeling.
  4. Choosing Paint
    Choosing Paint
    With many paint manufacturers on the market and paint colors changing daily, it's a good idea to know what paints to use and for what you're painting. With an array of sheens and colors, it's hard to keep up unless you are a professional painter or interior design person. Now you have the opportunity to shop at home, choosing from an up - to - date array of colors.
  5. The Finish
    The Finish
    Whatever your taste, I can help you bring your ideas to life. All it takes is a little know - how and the proper tools to give your project a professional finish. I'll show you how to achieve professional results while saving you money off your painting budget.
  6. Want it Funky?
    Want it Funky?
    That's no problem either! I can help you choose from a selection of colors that will give any room a twist. Whether you like it hot or just want something cozy, I've got your back. Mixing and matching paints from different families of color sometimes achieve astounding results. You can take your time and decide from thousands of colors of your taste and liking.
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