Beautiful Projects Are a Phone Call Away
Why Use A Paint/Color Consultant? 

"Whether you are hiring a contractor to do the work or doing it yourself, WPC can save you time and money.  

It takes much more than falling in love with a paint sample of a color you love and thinking it will work.  Many colors are beautiful, but it doesn't mean they'll fit into our decor.  If the paint color isn't the right shade, it may leave you dissappointed and out of wasted money, oftentimes living with a paint job you dislike.  When colors are exactly pinned to items in the room i.e. furniture, pictures, etc., things begin to pop.  Your room now comes together.  

Choosing the proper sheen is also just as important as picking the right color.  Different rooms need applicable finishes.  Not knowing available finishes and the difference between them, we may choose one that doesn’t give the room a warming effect that it may need.  Those who aren't professional decorators will, many times, choose a semi-gloss, under the impression it will be easy to wash.  That’s a myth.  It’s not the finish, but the quality of paint.  Any good paint in any finish should be washable.  Don’t sacrifice beauty for something you don’t need.

The brand of paint is also important to the outcome of any paint job.  There are many brands of paints on the market.  I’ve used mostly all of them.  Over the years paint manufacturers have reformulated their paints, allowing greater coverage.  Some paint companies are able to reproduce paint colors of other companies, allowing you to choose both color and manufacturer.  I have up-to-date paint samples of the leading paint manufacturers on hand.  
If you like a particular color of one brand of paint, but want it in another brand, no problem.  Most disributors can match the colors of others.  I maintain up-to-date samples from most paint manufacturers.  

When your home is painted accordingly, the end result is a home you’ll love every time you walk through it.  A beautiful decorating job never tires.  If you don’t love the paint job in your home then something is wrong.  Simple accents can add taste and distinction to any room.  As a painter with more than thirty years of experience, I’ve seen very few homes that were actually painted beautifully.  When your home is painted custom to fit, you enjoy it every time you walk through it.

One of the best things about my service is the cost.  My fees can be paid with the money you save.  And you can shop at your kitchen table with a choice from thousands of colors in a sheen of your choice.  You will receive personalized attention and
i'll take the time needed for you to make the right choice.  No two homes are the same - they all require different colors if only by a shade.  Taste and visual concepts vary from person to person and from home to home.  I have over thirty years of experience in painting and remodeling and a track record for design in paint and color coordination.  The industry of colors change frequently.  I'll bring them to you.

As always, my mission is to deliver customer satisfaction.  You are under no obligation until you are retained as my client." 

Thanking you in advance for your consideration

Alvin S. Woods

Did you know that most homeowners who pick their own paint choose the wrong colors and finishes?

Fees Start at Only $75
My services include but are not limited to the following:
  • In home and phone consulting
  • Color coordination and layout
  • Paint color schematic (room by room)
  • Paint estimation
  • Paint color samples for you or your contractor
  • "How - To" assistance from 8am - 10pm (by phone)
  • Assistance until your job is complete​

My average fee ranges between $125.00 to $175.00 for  3 -4 bedroom homes.  Cost increases by the number of additional rooms.    

We accept all major credit cards